Best Addresses

Shop recently celebrated its 1st anniversary! If you are not already familiar with this online store, we are pleased to tell you about it today, because you'll make wonderful discoveries at discounted prices.

You have never been too a flea market? Wondering what is in there? Discover the world of Boutiques Marcado, a flea market on the south shore of Montreal. Unlike other flea markets, Boutiques Marcado only offers new products. The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers the best prices all year long. Step into a world of great finds and bargains!

You're crazy about the unique style and comfort of beanbags, but you find them too expensive? We found THE right place for beanbags at affordable prices: Beanbag Montreal. In addition , it is a Canadian company and all production is done in Montreal! We just love that!

You need a new snowsuit or coat for yourself or the kids? The best store to find everything you need for winter is Brador Hiver. Besides offering the best prices and discounts on coats, snowsuits, boots and accessories, the store offers also a customized service. Here is an overview of what you can find at Brador Hiver.

Who says summer says summer vacation and what better use of some time off to do a little shopping. We have once again paid a little visit to one of Premium Outlets' chains and we were definitely not disappointed by the savings we were able to make. Certainly a worthwhile trip. Here are some of the reductions we unearthed along with a list of store outlets you can visit when going to New York, Boston, Virginia as well as Florida. Not to be found everywhere, we are specifically mentioning these specials at Premium Outlet stores along with their varied brands: DKNY, The North Face, Reebok, New Balance, Vans, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Fossil and many more.

This week, we found another good address for great deals, Dutal warehouse store! Dutal is a leader in perfumes distribution and creation. Their warehouse store offers perfumes, body creams, aftershave and more at incredible prices. And the good news is that they liquidate...