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You love to decorate? We do to! Here's our best spots to save on furniture and accessories, and our favorite items of the moment. They all have online stores, allowing you to plan your decor ahead before you make your purchases.

The Premium Outlets Montréal outlet stores located in Mirabel opened with great fanfare last fall. We visited them to check out the bargains and validate if the promise of discounts from 25% to 65% was held. Our first assessment; a great disappointment. Indeed, very...

Shop recently celebrated its 1st anniversary! If you are not already familiar with this online store, we are pleased to tell you about it today, because you'll make wonderful discoveries at discounted prices.

You have never been too a flea market? Wondering what is in there? Discover the world of Boutiques Marcado, a flea market on the south shore of Montreal. Unlike other flea markets, Boutiques Marcado only offers new products. The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers the best prices all year long. Step into a world of great finds and bargains!