"The day has guided me, and I have always followed the day. I believe in this as much now as I did it in the past." A philosophy of life, shared with us by Avo, one of the entrepreneurs managing the store Rodin...

Caracol, is the fruit of complicity between two sisters for almost 20 years now. Discover the impressive journey of Eve and Patricia Chagnon, co-founders of Caracol, Jewellery, a Quebec-based company that has the wind in its sails since 1997!

"I do not like having to ask permission to do things, it is for this reason that I am in business. When I have ideas, I realize them, and quickly!" recognizes Richard De Petrillo, owner of Beanbag Montréal and two other companies one of which is custom uniforms. Foray into the world of Beanbag Montréal.

Neil Horowitz was immersed in business at a very young age! His father had a shop and he grew up in the trade. "When I went to the warehouse located on Papineau street, it was like going to the candy store! "

Caroline Cloutier has always been attracted to fashion and business. At the age of 15, she worked in clothing boutiques including Bedo stores. She has flair and at age 20, was recruited by Parasuco for the Magic Show de Las Vegas, where more than 60 000 insiders from the fashion industry meet twice a year. Parasuco appreciates her leading edge spirit in addition to having good selling points.

Josie Suissa is immersed in the business world since almost 20 years. Indeed, she is one of the owners of the family business, Brador Hiver, which her husband founded in 1977. "At the time, our store was one of the first companies in Quebec to manufacture cross-country skiing apparel and coats adapted to Quebec winters" proudly recounts Ms. Suissa.