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Cocooning-photo3 By Suzanne Dufault (Blog article), Like every year, between January and March it’s a great time to "hibernate"! So I’m thinking cocooning down south in the basement, haha!!! Let’s enhance and organize a space so we are able to enjoy every inch that we have. I’ve prepared some ideas and visuals and hope these will inspire you and ease those cold winter days!

Article by: Suzanne Dufault, The holidays are right around the corner and we all want to put a little festive attention to our Christmas decoration. Here are 6 tips to transform your holiday feast & 3 montages with images for inspiration! 1. Do not...

This week presents the first of four posts on men & shopping. We will be looking at their spending habits and will present deals and sales that are tailored to their needs!

We wrongly believe that back to school sales are only for kids and their parents. We couldn’t be any more wrong! This season of specials and sales offers to everyone a great chance on amazing deals. Back to school sales combine end-of-season merchandise and offers on new products. Beware: you often will have to dig to find the amazing deals. We have compiled for you a couple of them!