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Have you started your Holiday shopping yet? No need to worry if this is not the case. We will enlighten you on the fashion trends for this Holiday season, making it easy for you to save time and money! By Caroline Savard, fashion stylist:

December started with Cyber Monday, there will be Christmas shopping for many of us and the month will end with Boxing Day! Not to mention all the parties! Phew! One can say that December is a challenging month! Fortunately for the wallet, there are lots of nice warehouse sales.

By Caroline Savard, fashion stylist: Unfortunately, summer is behind us and it is now time to think about the fall trends. While you might be considering filling your wardrobe with woollens and replacing glamour for comfort, this blog is about lace, which is...

Well well well, apparently summer is over and school is inevitably starting soon. No matter where you stand, there’s a good side in saying goodbye vacation! (yes). Such as: new school year also means new school bag and new wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I often bring my laptop to class, and let’s be honest, it isn’t always pleasant! As much as it is practical to own a laptop, they are overbearing and heavy.

Trends come and go as seasons pass by. With fall just a few weeks away, pointed toes are making a great come back and taking over store displays. Whether you preference is pumps or flats, the sharp-toed shoe will ensure you an ultra-feminine look. Furthermore this type of shoe has a slimming effect on legs. Who does not want a longer and leaner silhouette?

Cocooning-photo3 By Suzanne Dufault (Blog article), Like every year, between January and March it’s a great time to "hibernate"! So I’m thinking cocooning down south in the basement, haha!!! Let’s enhance and organize a space so we are able to enjoy every inch that we have. I’ve prepared some ideas and visuals and hope these will inspire you and ease those cold winter days!