Calendar of in-store sales – What to buy in July

Calendar of in-store sales – What to buy in July

It’s summer vacation time for the young and the not so young. You will find below a few categories of purchases to consider. Your wallet will thank you for listening to our advice!


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Here are the categories where you can get great deals this month.

  • Kitchen accessories
  • Renovation
  • Babies accessories
  •  Clothing
    • The end of season sales begin in July. Summer shoes and clothing collections will be on sale at a 50% discount in the majority of stores. This is the time to go back and get items that were too expensive at full price, complete your summer wardrobe and treat yourself with an additional pair of sandals!
    • You will also find several good addresses on the website to save on clothing and accessories for men and women!
  • For those who will be spending their summer holiday in the United States, remember that it is a destination of choice for electronics. In addition, you might seize the opportunity to visit one of the many Premium Outlets.

In July, there are categories where you will seldom find bargains.

  • Swimsuits and Sunglasses
  • Summer sports equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Garden items
  • Electronics

Of course, this is only a general guideline and fortunately sometimes there are exceptions! Stay tuned to all sales by visiting our website

If you see a sale or a bargain not to be missed, please let us know via the form on our contact page.

Happy savings in July!