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It's's 4th edition of the contest An inspiring woman @ The Big Fashion Sale! You know an extraordinary woman who stands out in your entourage, either through her daily actions, her personality or her life achievements? You can send us her nomination, between September 19th and 29th, at noon (DST). She could WIN a dream shopping evening at the Big Fashion Sale in Montreal on October 19, 2017!

Caracol, is the fruit of complicity between two sisters for almost 20 years now. Discover the impressive journey of Eve and Patricia Chagnon, co-founders of Caracol, Jewellery, a Quebec-based company that has the wind in its sails since 1997!

March is the month when spring comes around and it is also when warehouses and sample sales return! Incidentally, this is the perfect time to shop for your prom dress or suit at a bargain price. The nice weather is back, why not take the time to get out and shop around here and there for some great deals!

December started with Cyber Monday, there will be Christmas shopping for many of us and the month will end with Boxing Day! Not to mention all the parties! Phew! One can say that December is a challenging month! Fortunately for the wallet, there are lots of nice warehouse sales.