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Favorite sales

All the sales you don’t want to miss! The ones we love and you need to know about, or a full list of sales during the month, or divided by type of products you might be shopping for. Get your agendas and take notes!

Smart Shopping

How about a few ideas to try out a new look, to redecorate a room in your house, or to entertain your friends at dinner? In this section, our team gives out some items at low prices, or ways you can save money along the way.

Tips & tricks

Shopping for the best deals available can be tricky. In this section we share with you our best shopping tips and tricks to get the best deals available, no matter what product you are looking for.

Best addresses

Here, it will be all about the stores that are offering great discounts all year long. Of course, we can’t go without mentionning popular warehouse sales, outlet stores, sample sales, liquidation centers, and more.



Local designers and entrepreneurs are at the heart of our economy. In this section, we are inviting you to discover who they are : how they got to be entrepreneurs, what pitfalls they had to overcome, and their successes small and big, which make them proud.

Fashion News

Fashion News is the ideal way to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends and to discover the fascinating world of fashion.