Tips to get back in shape after the Holidays

Tips to get back in shape after the Holidays

By Catherine Voutsinos, collaborator 


Some people don’t find it easy to go back to work after a Holiday vacation, while others feel at their best.

Most people want to start with a fitness goal because every year, the month of January is the busiest month for gyms and private coaches.

It makes sense because during Christmas time, we eat and drink a lot of delicious things, we stay in to watch movies and do puzzles, etc. We all deserve to take some time to rest and spoil ourselves.

Here are some tips to help you through your fitness journey, as well as three activities to help you stay fit.


– Drink lots of water ( you can add some lemon)
-Trust the process and do it at your own pace ( think long term)
– Eat more vegetables than fruits ( fruits are carbs, they’re good but you can’t eat as much as you want)
– Do your meal prep every Sunday to avoid eating out
– Don’t forget that fitness is effective only if you eat clean too ( the process is 70% food and 30% training)
-Be consistent in your training. Never skip Mondays (it’s bad luck for the week).


Sports to combine together for effective results:


Crossfit is a short and high intensity workout that allows you to work on several muscle groups in one session. It’s an intense sport that consists of a series of movements with your body weight or with weights, depending on the exercise.

Crossfit has several super interesting benefits. It burns fat quicker because high intensity training speeds up your metabolism for 12 hours. Not only will you look good in a swimsuit, but you will develop your strength.

Crossfit will also allow you to improve constantly because the workouts are always different and therefore your muscles are always working in a different way!

     Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga will help you eliminate toxins this Holiday season because sweat is guaranteed from the beginning to the end of the session. Doing Yoga in a hot room forces the human body to work much harder than a regular Yoga session.

The benefits: Improves your flexibility and concentration, tones your muscles, eliminates your toxins and reduces your stress level.



There are several benefits to running. First of all, it’s a cardiovascular sport that practices endurance and will make your heart stronger. While you’re running, you release endorphins which will take your stress away. It’s also a great way to lose weight.

Someone who runs for 30 minutes, 3 times per week will see a huge difference in their weight compared to someone who just does weights 3 times a week.