Smart Shopping – Must Haves For « Back To Teleworking »

Smart Shopping – Must Haves For « Back To Teleworking »

Driiing! The bell has rung, and everyone is happy to be back in class, showing off a new look, with brand new school supplies and motivated for a new year. For many people, teleworking will still be the way to go and let’s face it, we miss this feeling of a fresh new start.

Did you use to treat yourself to some new clothes or accessories when shopping for the rest of the family? Even if you’re working from home, you shouldn’t forget about yourself. Online shopping is your best friend, and this is a special smart shopping edition just for you!

Stylish And Comfortable Clothes

Say goodbye to your old sweatpants or pajamas when working from home! Style and comfort should be your focus when shopping for a new wardrobe. Soft and flowy fabrics, bottoms with some stretch for a trendy casual look.

3/4 sleeve printed blouse
SALE $ 19.99 (reg. $ 49.90)

Short-sleeved blouse
SALE $ 19.99 (reg. $ 42.90)

Elastic waist dress
SALE $ 18.99 (reg. $ 42.90)

Ankle Pull On Pants The Iconic
SALE $ 19.99 (reg. $ 49.90)

High Waist Tapered Pants
SALE $ 14.97 (reg. $ 49.90)

High Waist Striped Pencil Skirt
SALE $ 14.97 (reg. $ 34.90)

Take Care Of Your Well-being

Having your workspace at home can make it more difficult to disconnect. Make sure to take time for yourself, like preparing a hot cup of David’s Tea, to replace your coffee break or help you relax after work.

Pink glitter favourite tumbler
SALE $ 14.99 (reg. $ 25)

Feel good sachet tea wheel
SALE $ 23.99 (reg. $ 32.50)

David’s steeper starter kit
SALE $ 29.99 (reg. $ 40)

Shoes Instead of Slippers

With the cold season approaching, it might be tempting to put back on your old pair of sheepskin slippers. Let’s have fun in the morning and put on a pair of funky sneakers or cute flat shoes (instead of heels), or a pair of stylish booties for your face-to-face meetings.

ALDO – Dynia
SALE $ 46.98 (reg. $ 95)

ALDO – Fran
SALE $ 36.98 (reg. $ 75)

ALDO – Weralia
SALE $ 44.98 (reg. $ 90)

ALDO – Lemonnier
SALE $ 41.98 (reg. $ 85)

GEOX – Salice High
SALE $ 90 (reg. $ 180)

GEOX – Calinda Mid
SALE $ 100 (reg. $ 200)

Ultimate Comfort

On snowdays or when you’re feeling more “cozy”, it’s fine to choose the ultimate comfort attire, with an edge.

BENCH – Premium Sweatshirt
SALE $ 44.25 (reg. $ 59)

BENCH – Peonane V5 Denim
SALE $ 74.25 (reg. $ 99)

BENCH – Light coat
SALE $ 66.75 (reg. $ 89)

Happy Shopping !

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* Prices in effect September 13, 2021 and subject to change without notice.