Sale Preview – SCHWiiNG Spring 2014 warehouse sale

Sale Preview – SCHWiiNG Spring 2014 warehouse sale

VESTE-Rebeka-40$, 2 pour 70$

The popular SCHWiiNG warehouse sale is back starting March 19th with savings up to 70%! Exclusive to – get a glimpse of the deals and collections available at this sale.

Fall/Winter Collection Deals

Beat the winter & buy a few pieces of the fall/winter collection at reduced prices!

Beautiful winter coat at only $100!


Tunics at $40 or 2 for $70. Here, the Adriana tunic.

TUNIQUE-Adriana-40$, 2 pour 70

Tops at $40 or 2 for $70. Here, the Nashla top.

HAUT-Nashla-40$, 2 pour 70$

Jackets at $40 or 2 for $70. Here, the Anabelle jacket.

VESTE-Anabelle-40$, 2pr70

Leonie jacket ($40 or 2 for $70)

VESTES-Leonie-40$, 2pr70$

Rebeka jacket

VESTE-Rebeka-40$, 2 pour 70$

Spring/Summer Collection Deals

Get yourself a new wardrobe for this spring and summer! SCHWiiNG’s warehouse sale also offers deals on dresses, t-shirts and skirts.

Dresses at only $40 or 2 for $70. Here, the Paloma & Zelia dresses.


Oulala & Leila dresses

ROBES-Oulala-Leila-40$, 2pr70$

In addition to being easy to wear and be ultra comfortable, the SCHWiiNG dresses require no ironing and that’s just fantastic!

Tops at $20 or 3 for $50. Here, the Jorie & July tops.


T-Shirts at only $20 or 3 for $50!


Jackets at $30 or 2 for $50. Here, the Kozy & Lea jackets.

VESTES-Kozy-Lea-30$, 2pr50$

SCHWiiNG’s jackets are perfect to wear with your favorite dress or pair of pants. And at only $30, you will surely get more than one!

The SCHWiiNG spring 2014 warehouse sale will take place between March 19th and 22nd. Discounts up to 70% on clothing & coats, cocktails, DJ, fun & changing rooms await you! Don’t miss it!

Happy shopping!