How to save on grocery shopping

How to save on grocery shopping

Grocery prices are constantly increasing and it can be difficult to eat at a small cost. Here are a few tips to help you save your money!

Flashfood, FoodHero and Eatizz

The Flashfood (Maxi and Provigo), FoodHero (IGA) and Eatizz (many stores) apps allow you to reserve food that will soon expire, according to grocery store standards, but still very good to eat. So you can buy, for example, croissants or large boxes of vegetables for absolutely ridiculous prices.

Points cards

Most grocery stores now offer free point cards to their customers. These cards allow you to accumulate cash while shopping for groceries. You can then use this money to pay for future purchases. To make these points cards worthwhile, you need to shop at the same grocery store as often as possible. Another tip for making the most of these cards is to buy a large amount of grocery every now and then instead of buying small quantities more often. Bonus points are often awarded after a certain amount purchased. Some point cards can even be used in other businesses, such as the pharmacy. Thus, allowing you to accumulate even more points.

Cheaper grocery stores

Some grocery stores such as Maxi or Super C will offer you products at a lower cost than other well-known names. On the other hand, you will get less service. If you don’t mind, choosing these grocery stores is a good way to save money.

Coupons and unbeatable prices

Maxi has an unbeatable prices politic. Upon presentation of a proof, Maxi will match all prices! You need to show the cashier the complete offer with the right date before the item is scanned. The product needs to be the exact same thing (quantity, brand, format, etc.) and the discount must be offered in the same region.

Following the deals

Finally, keeping up with specials and planning your meals around them is one of the best ways to save money. Don’t hesitate to buy meat or non-perishable items that you love as soon as you see them on special. You can freeze them or keep them in your pantry until you need them. To keep up with specials more easily, you can use free apps like Reebee,, Checkout 51 and Flipp. Some grocery stores, such as Metro, also have their own app where you can view your coupons, flyer, and accumulated points.

And there you go! We hope all of these tips make a difference in your budget. To find the best deals for your other needs, don’t forget to visit!