Father’s Day: 8 DIY gift ideas

Father’s Day: 8 DIY gift ideas

This year you want to give a personalized gift to your dad? You are looking for simple and fun ideas to do with the kids? Here are 8 gift ideas that you can easily make yourself!

Idea #1: Crazy about nuts

Your dad is crazy about nuts? Simply fill a nicely decorated mason jar with his favorite nuts!

Source: signdininganddiapers.com

Idea #2: The personalized keychain

Create a unique keychain with a piece of string, a few personalized marbles and a metal ring from an old keychain!

Source: Hellobee.com

Idea #3: For the dad who loves BBQ

Your dad is a BBQ expert? Give him a secret blend of barbecue spices. Find the recipe and printable label here.

Source: kristendukephotography.com

Idea #4: For the movie nights lover

The dad who loves movie nights will certainly appreciate a homemade mixture of popcorn, pretzel, chocolate and nuts, all in a mason jar.

Source: theshirleyjourney.com

Idea #5: For the beer fan

For the beer fan dad, make labels with sweet words or fun beer names and put them on the bottles.

Idea #6: For the cocktail fan

Your dad prefers cocktails? Gather the ingredients of his favorite cocktail and arrange them in a mason jar with a straw!

Idea #7: For the candy lover

Is your dad more of a candy type? Fill a mason jar with his favorite candies, making sure you add a personalized label and a pretty ribbon.

Idea #8: For the note taker

For the dad who loves taking notes and posting them on the fridge or in his office, the kids can easily make airplane-shaped clips using clothespins and wooden sticks!

Hope these ideas have inspired you to make the next Father’s Day gift yourself.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads!