Calendar of in-store sales – What to buy in June

Calendar of in-store sales – What to buy in June

We hope you took advantage of the different bargains in the past few months since they will be much rarer in June. Fortunately, it is still possible to make some deals here and there.


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Here are the categories where you can get great deals this month.

  • Clothing
    • You can still find bargains on clothing if you want to shop for Fall/Winter. They will be mostly located at the back of the stores in the liquidation section.
    • Deals on summer clothing will begin after June 24th. It will be time to shop & save for the warm season.
    • Typically, June is the last month for warehouse & sample sales where manufacturers and distributors liquidate their samples and overstock. You can find information about these sales in the Warehouse and Sample Sales section on
    • You can also discover more good addresses for deals on clothing and accessories for men and women on
  • Summer sports equipment
    • You will be able to find summer sports equipment from previous years at good prices.
    • You can also visit the website The Last Hunt that offers outdoor products at unbeatable prices, and this throughout the year. To enjoy these discounts, it is recommended to visit a sporting goods store in advance to know your size in the different brands offered since the sales are final.
    • For those who prefer traditional shopping, Plein air Entrepôt offers the best brands of clothing, footwear and accessories for cycling, running, hiking, and more, at great prices.

In June, you will seldom find bargains in these categories.

  • Swimsuits and Sunglasses
  • Pool items
  • Camping equipment
  • Garden items
  • Electronics

Of course, this is only a general guideline and fortunately sometimes there are exceptions! Stay tuned to all sales by visiting our website

If you see a sale or a bargain not to be missed, please let us know via the form on our contact page.

Happy savings in June!