Calendar of in-store sales – What to buy in April

Calendar of in-store sales – What to buy in April

Spring is settling in, there are more and more great buys. So enjoy and fill up with deals!


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Here are the categories where you can get great deals this month.

  • Glasses & Lens
  • Home Decor
    • As spring inspires a lot of people a change of scenery, there will be discounts on certain renovation and decorating items, as well as appliances and furniture.
    • Create a magical atmosphere on your balcony, patio, in your pool or in the house with Sultane’s wax lanterns!
  • Summer sports equipment
    • Manufacturers and importers will liquidate, from April to June, their samples and surplus stock. We will be able to purchase clothing, sporting goods and shoes of the current season at cost price, so 40 to 50% of the retail price. The vast majority of those sales, however, are held in Montreal.
    • The Last Hunt find you some blow-out deals on outdoor products.
  • Nursery products
  • Bags & Luggages
  •  Clothing
    • In clothing, discounts on winter collections will reach almost 75%, but the choice will be smaller. Large chain stores will make small 20-30% discount on new collections to entice consumers to cross their doors.
    • The website advertise the best sales for clothing and accessories for men and women!
  • Renovation
  • Appliances

In April, you will rarely find bargains in these categories.

  • Camping equipment
  • Electronics
    • In electronics, sales are rather sporadic and only on certain items. When looking for a particular product, you better go regularly check the sites of various shops offering the desired article. For good prices in electronics, we can go to our American neighbors and enjoy a short stay in the US to fill up electronics. Beware of the exchange rate and the maximum amount that can be spent according to length of stay.

Of course, this is only a general guideline and luckily sometimes there are exceptions! Stay tuned to all sales by visiting our website

If you see a sale or a bargain not to be missed, please let us know via the form on our contact page.

Happy savings in April!