Best apple recipes to make this fall

Best apple recipes to make this fall

The province of Quebec is full of delicious apples! Here are some of the best recipes to try if you are in need of inspiration after apple picking: from the traditional apple crumble to original shrimp tacos. Perfect recipes to impress your guests!

Apple and cheddar beef burgers

Time : 20 minutes

Ingredients : beef, red onion, cheddar, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, apple

Apple and onion beef pot roast

Time : 30 minutes

Ingredients : beef, water, salt, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, apple, onion, cornstarch, browning sauce

Apple and strawberry pie

Time : 1 h 30

Ingredients : apples, strawberries, sugar, tapioca, lemon juice, pie crusts, egg, milk

Apple bacon mac and cheese

Time : 45 minutes

Ingredients : macaronis, bacon, onion, apples, butter, flour, chicken broth, milk, gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper

Apple chicken quesadillas

Time : 25 minutes

Ingredients : apples, chicken breast, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, corn, tomatoes, onion, salt, tortillas

Apple crumble

Time : 1 h 20

Ingredients : apples, brown sugar, butter, flour, quick oats, rolled oats, salt

Apple crumble cake

Time : 1 h 30

Ingredients : quick-cooking oats, flour, brown sugar, butter, apples, lemon juice, cinnamon, baking soda, eggs, sour cream, salted butter caramel, icing sugar

Apple fritters

Time : 55 minutes

Ingredients : sugar, cinnamon, flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, eggs, sparkling cider, butter, apples, oil

Apple parfait with maple caramel

Time : 45 minutes

Ingredients : maple syrup, corn syrup, cream, butter, sugar, apples, greek yogurt, granola

Apple pie squares

Time : 1 h 20

Ingredients : butter, brown sugar, flour, quick oats, cornstarch, cinnamon, apples

Apple-sage sausage patties

Time : 45 minutes

Ingredients : apple, egg, parsley, sage, garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper, turkey, oil

Apple strudel

Time : 1 h 15

Ingredients : apples, sugar, phyllo dough, butter, icing sugar, panko bread crumbs

Baked apple sorbet

Time : 15 minutes

Ingredients : baked applesauce, sugar, lemon juice

Braised pork roast with apples

Time : 4 h 35

Ingredients : pork roast, oil, onions, garlic, chicken broth, applesauce, mustard, potatoes, parsley, chives, apples, honey, salt, pepper

Butternut squash apple soup with sage parmesan croutons

Time : 1 hour

Ingredients : oil, onions, butternut squash, apples, chicken broth, salt, nutmeg, pepper, cayenne pepper, sage, parmesan

Caramel and apple cheesecake

Time : 1 h 40

Ingredients : water, corn syrup, sugar, whipping cream, butter, butter cookies, flour, cream cheese, sour cream, egg, apples, brown sugar, pecans, quick cooking rolled oats

Caramel apple creme brulee 

Time : 1 h 30 

Ingredients : apples, caramel ice cream, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, whipping cream, eggs, vanilla

Homemade pork and apple potstickers

Time : 1 hour

Ingredients : pork, soy sauce, scallions, ginger apple chutney, salt, pepper, egg, oil, won ton

Pressure-cooker autumn apple chicken

Time : 45 minutes

Ingredients : chicken thighs, salt, pepper, oil, apple juice or cider, onion, barbecue sauce, honey, garlic, apples

Shrimp tacos with apple pomegranate salsa

Time : 1 hour

Ingredients : shrimps, cajun seasoning, butter, limes, apples, red onion, pomegranate arils, cilantro, salt, peppers, corn, cotija cheese

That’s it! Now you have a huge variety of choices to treat yourself. Let us know your favorite recipes!