Backyard makeover: 6 easy outdoor DIY projects

Backyard makeover: 6 easy outdoor DIY projects

You would like to realize a DIY project for the outdoors? Don’t worry, they don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive to be just as beautiful. Here are 6 inspiring small DIY projects to instantly enhance the look of your terrace, patio or garden area.

1. Easy Bistro Table

Here is a fairly easy DIY project, which requires two painted wood pallets and three paving stones.

2. Old Strainer Flower Basket

If you have an old colander lying around, why not give it a second life? You can use rope or chain (available at any hardware store) to tie up the handles. To prevent the potting soil from escaping through the holes, you can put a layer of cheesecloth at the bottom of the colander before adding the soil.

3. A garden with cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are a common element in construction, most often hidden. But have you ever considered using them as an accent piece in your garden? You can reinvent their use, by creating walls and green spaces in your backyard.


4. A modern bench

Here’s another way to rethink the use of cinder blocks. With a little imagination, and work, you can easily build a modern and trendy sitting area.

5. Colors in the garden

Do you plan on growing your own garden herbs? Here is a way to find your plants more easily, and avoid confusing them with weeds. In addition, it adds color until harvest season.

6. A colorful entrance mat

With paint, brushes and tape you can personalize a simple doormat in 30 minutes or less. The pattern possibilities are endless, but we’re in love with this colorful geometric pattern. It’s almost too pretty to wipe off dirty shoes!