9 BBQ recipes for summer!

9 BBQ recipes for summer!

Here we are, it’s summer! What better way to enjoy the BBQ than to make delicious recipes for you and your guests.

Preparation & cooking : 1 h

Ingredients : Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust, coarsely chopped cooked chicken breast, barbecue sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, red onion and parsley or cilantro

Preparation & cooking : 1 h 25

Ingredients : red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, zucchinis, red onion, white mushrooms, olive oil, soy sauce, grilled sesame oil, salt and ground pepper

Preparation & cooking : 1 h 40

Ingredients : russet potatoes, bacon, green onions, butter, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, salt and pepper

Preparation & cooking : 30 minutes

Ingredients : broccoli, extra-virgin olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, honey, cloves garlic, kosher salt, ground black pepper, red pepper flakes, freshly grated Parmesan and lemon wedges

Preparation & cooking : 20 minutes

Ingredients : ears corn, butter, kosher salt

Preparation & cooking : 25 minutes

Ingredients : thick country-style loaf, tomato, cloves garlic, red peppers, slivered almond,  olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, smoked paprika, cayenne, eggplants and green onions

Preparation & cooking : 40 minutes

Ingredients : medium avocados, medium jalapeños, cloves garlic, juice of limes, red onion, medium tomato, freshly chopped cilantro

Preparation & cooking : 50 minutes

Ingredients : small new white potatoes, olive oil, zucchini, redonions, asparagus, boneless skinless chicken breast, pork tenderloin, salt, sensations by compliments spirited mickie craft beer chipotle bbq sauce

Preparation & cooking : 30 minutes

Ingredients : ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, pineapple rings, red onion, pepper jack, romaine and cooked bacon

So which recipe will you try this summer?