5 Tips to Save on Back-to-school Shopping

5 Tips to Save on Back-to-school Shopping

Back-to-school is just around the corner. Some are happy about it, some not much. This time of year also means extra expenses. Clothing, shoes, supplies…the list goes on and on, and your budget can be affected.

Since our mission at allsales.ca is to help you save money, here are 5 tips to save on back-to-school shopping.

1. Look for deals and savings.

You might need to renew a part of the family’s wardrobe (because you know, it’s back-to-school). The kids are growing up too fast, the clothes are wearing out and the season changes. Good news for you, allsales.ca gets for you the best savings on clothing, shoes and accessories for the entire family.

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2. Reuse the supplies.

Go through the previous years’ supplies and save what you can! Test pencils, keep binders in good conditions, etc. Plus, it’s eco-friendly!

3. Make a list.

Make a list of what’s missing and only purchase what is necessary. If the kids presence makes the task harder, go shopping alone. Stick to the list; the goal is to save, not to spend.

4. Look for second-hand.

Platforms like Marketplace or Kijiji can help with that! Thrift-shops are also great to find almost-new clothing and shoes!

Websites like Bon Magasinage and Vinted are perfect to buy second-hand clothing and find everything you need. You can also declutter your wardrobe and sell what you are not wearing anymore. That will help you cover the back-to-school expenses! 

5. Look for in-store deals.

When shopping, look for the low prices! Dollorama is a great place to find the majority of the school supplies you will need. Walmart also has great affordable deals. Once in store, check for price drops and current promotions.