5 Free Summer Activites For The Family

5 Free Summer Activites For The Family

Summer vacations are just around the corner and we want to make the most out of them. Summer goes by way too fast!

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Here are 5 free summer activities to do with the family!

It's summer time! ☀️

Photo: mtl.org

From June 29 to August 26, 2022, enjoy outdoor shows 4 nights a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Located in Parc la Fontaine, the Théâtre de Verdure offers dance, music, films and circus. It’s an open-air experience to discover on beautiful summer evenings!

Photo: geocaching.com

Geocaching is an adventure game that allows you to work with your curiosity and your love for nature. Using a GPS through a phone app, your goal is to find the location of a cache (in other words, the treasure) that the “geocachers” (the other players) have previously installed. Many surprises and discoveries to come!

Photo: Zones musicales

From July 8 to September 10, 40 free outdoor shows are offered to you in  musical diversity!  International music, pop, swing, jazz, folklore, country, folk, funk and more!

Photo: aventurequebec.ca / Kiamika regional park

Each region in Quebec has the potential to charm you with its national parks, each of which offers unique and breathtaking views! Some places are even accessible to dogs!

Photo: quebec-cite.com

Discover producers and artisans in your region with a wide variety of public markets throughout Quebec. More than ever, it is important to support local purchasing!

Enjoy your vacations!