10 Ways to use lavender

10 Ways to use lavender

In the last few years, it has become really popular to go to lavender fields. It’s a nice place for photoshoots or to simply pick lavender. But what can we do with that pretty purple flower? Lavender can be used in a lot of ways! Did you know that it can help relieve wasps or bees stings and anxiety as well? It’s a flower with relaxing virtues that can also help you sleep and calm your cough. Some people even use it against lice! Here are our 10 ways to use lavender.

Lavender candles

Perfume your candles by adding a few drops of lavender oil. To know how to do it,  it’s right here : town-n-country-living.com

Lavender water

On hot days, cool off with a fresh and original beverage, try this easy lavender-infused water recipe : masalaherb.com

Lavender bath salt

For a relaxing bath that will leave your skin so smooth, take a look at this lavender bath salt recipe : soapqueen.com

Lavender essential oil

If you wish to help your skin heal or just to relax, make this lavender essential oil that you will use everywhere : sunset.com

Lavender pot-pourri 

If the idea of making your house smell like lavender is appealing to you, this is the ideal recipe for you : town-n-country-living.com

Lavender vinegar

Clean and purify your house with this vinegar this sweet-smelling vinegar : nofussnatural.com

Lavender cake

It’s a loved one’s birthday and you want to be original or just want a change from that good old chocolate cake? This lavender cake recipe is for you : ricardocuisine.com

Lavender English cream

Indulge yourself with a natural flavour that smells so good : chattavore.com

Honey Walnut Lavender Goat Cheese Toast

The perfect healthy snack that will make a change from a simple piece of cheese: urbanblisslife.com

Lavender tea

The ideal recipe for a relaxing evening and that will help you sleep : healthline.com

There you go! Now you know how to use all that lavender. Don’t hesitate to share your recipes with us!