Great finds under/over $100 – Big Fashion Sale Spring 2017

Exclusive sneek peak! Here are’s great finds at the Big Fashion Sale. In this last post, you’ll find our Great Finds at $100 and under and Great Finds over $100. Get your shopping list ready with these suggestions!

For all the info about this event, also known as the Braderie de mode, don’t forget to visit our website

ANNE-MARIE CHAGNON – Rene Blush Bracelet at $100
ANNE-MARIE CHAGNON – Rose Brume Bracelet at $100

CRÉATIONS ENCORE – London dress at $79

DINO GASPARI – Jacket at $100
DINO GASPARI – Blue tunic at $175

ÈVE GRAVEL – Cherry Bomb vest at $100

JENNIFER GLASGOW – Drifter dress at $79

MELOW by MÉLISSA BOLDUC – Robin skirt at $95
MELOW by MÉLISSA BOLDUC – Rosie dress at $100
MELOW by MÉLISSA BOLDUC – Rita coat at $165

RIEN NE SE PERD – Fusion tunic at $79
RIEN NE SE PERD – Diva dress at $79

Happy shopping at the Braderie!

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Check with the retailer for prices and availability.

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